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coinfinance Bounties

Become an even more integral part of our global community by taking part in our brand new Bounty Program.
The Bounty program is an excellent opportunity to get Bitcoins for absolutely free by doing simple actions to popularize the platform.

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Social Bounties (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

$1: social post

Make a referral post about Coinfinance on your social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter): Managed cryptocurrency trading - Earn up to 5% daily for 70 business days. Join now: [Your Coinfinance referral link]

$5: Share your deposit

Deposit at least $50 then share this news on your social media platform. You should attach your referral link in the post.

$5: Share your withdrawal

Withdraw successfully from your Coinfinance account then share it on your social media platform. You should attach your referral link in the post.


* Your account should be active and created more than 3 months ago.

* You should have at least 100 followers.

* In the post you must attach your referral link correctly.

* Your account and posts should be publicly available.

YouTube and blog Bounties

$20 - $100: Youtube review/success story

Review Coinfinance and share your experience (feel free to refer to community, platform, technology, profitability, support and anything else that makes Coinfinance stand out to you). Show your feelings and show yourself earning crypto in the video to receive a larger bounty! This is your chance to express how impressed you are since joining the Coinfinance platform.

$10 - $100: Your personal blog posts

Share news of your Coinfinance experience and success, or provide an unbiased review, through your dedicated blog or preferred blog platform. Share as much information as you can, including some evidence of your deposits and withdrawals via screenshots to provide a good idea of the platform use.


* Your Youtube channel should have at least 50 subscribers.

* 1 minute or longer video.

* Feature your referral link in the video description.

* You should upload your video to youtube.

* English language preferred for higher bounty.

* Ensure your videos are publicly viewable.

* The higher quality of the video, the more bounty.

* Your blog alexa rank should be under 1 million.

* The article should be written by yourself, and must contain at least 300 words.

* Do not delete the article even after check. In case of deletion, the result will be canceled.

Social Community Management

$100 - $1000: Manage a social group

If you’d like to found a Facebook or Telegram group to share your love for Coinfinance with others and amass at least 100 members, you will receive our most generous bounty for our most dedicated users. Other social platforms may also work – just get in touch if you’d like to run any new platform ideas past us. Help users earn more with sound advice, support open discussions, run competitions and other awareness-increasing initiatives, and share your progress with us frequently.


* You must maintain a polite and respectable community image.

* You should be in the blockchain industry for more than 1 year.

How to claim your BOUNTY?

Once you’ve completed any bounty, simply email us at with “Bounty Completed” in the email subject and details of the type of bounty with links in the body of the email.


* You can do each bounty just once.

* The verification will take up to 3 business days.

* Our company reserve the right to deny your application with a specific reason.